Nordmeyer LMSR

Nordmeyer LMSR Dynamic Probing Rig - Drillwell LtdWe are agents for Nordmeyer Geotool so we can directly supply standard Nordmeyer Geotool Drilling Rigs or a custom built Nordmeyer Geotool Drilling Rig with modified equipment to suit your requirements.

The Nordmeyer LMSR Dynamic Probing Rig is the ideal solution for the following applications

  • Soil Investigation
  • Window Sampling

The LMSR Dynamic Probing Rigs are available in different versions and they are all supplied with folding masts. Below is a list of the different types that can be supplied:

  • LMSR-VK: 4 stroke combustion engine
  • LMSR-EK: Electric motor for outdoor and indoor use
  • LMSR-HK: Hydraulic motor for Ex-proof areas

For light, medium, heavy and super heavy sounding in accordance to DIN 4094 or SPT procedures.

These rigs can be transported manually on robust pneumatic wheels. At the probing point the mast is erected and is set up to the correct vertical position by means of two spindles or three crank legs (SPT) and an air bubble level.

Various rod systems according to local standards can be employed, a blow counter helps with taking the reading. The conversion to different weight and drop standards is quickly achieved by mounting or removing of additional drop weight bodies or drop height adaptors.

The drop weight assembly is lifted by means of a rope winch with hand crank or by hydraulic motor (LMSR-Hk).

Also for WINDOW SAMPLING up to 80mm !

Sampling is carried out by using window sampling tubes or slotted probing rods which are driven into the soil by means of the a drop weight. For the extension the ordinary rods can be used.

Please see our Nordmeyer Geotool Drilling Rigs Product Guide to ensure you select the correct Drilling Rig. We can provide product specific brochures on request, please contact our Technical Sales Team for further information.