Drill Rods Aluminium Series

The Drill Rod Aluminium Series are manufactured from high tensile aluminium tubing and are fitted with steel rod couplings. The rods weigh approximately half that of a steel rod of the same dimensions. Because of the high tensile aluminium tubing used they are equal in strength to the steel rod. The use of aluminium rods may permit an increase in depth rating of the particular rig being used if the rating is based on its pulling capacity.

Drill Rods Aluminium Series - Drillwell Ltd

All aluminium drill rods are normally supplied in length increments of 3 & 1.5 metres or 0.75 metres. Any other length increment may be supplied by request.

The threaded steel rod couplings are assembled into the aluminium drill rod tubes using a special epoxy resin adhesive. When using aluminium drill rods care should be taken to ensure that they are only used in conjunction with corresponding sized corebarrel. i.e AW Rod and AW Core Barrel.

Aluminium Series Drill Rods – Dimensions

AW BW 33 43 53
In. mm. In. mm. In. mm. In. mm. In. mm.
Rod O.D. 1.72 43.7 2.12 54.0 1.31 33.4 1.70 43.2 2.09 53.3
Cplg. I.D. 0.62 15.9 0.75 19.0 0.59 15.0 0.87 22.0 0.87 22.0
Thds / in. 3 3 4 4 3

Aluminium Series Drill Rods – Part Numbers

AW BW 33 43 53
3.0m Long DW 05800 DW 05805 DW 05810 DW 05815 DW 05820
1.5m Long DW 05801 DW 05806 DW 05811 DW 05816 DW 05821
0.75m Long DW 05802 DW 05807 DW 05812 DW 05817 DW 05822

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