Single, Double and Triple Tube Core Barrels

Drillwell Core Barrels are manufactured from the highest quality materials. The dimensions and physical properties are in accordance with International and National safety standards ISO 3551-1 1992 and BS 4019; part 3 ; 1992. The most stringent quality control procedures are employed during all phases of manufacture. Straightness is controlled to 1;1200 or better.

Core-Barrels - Drillwell Ltd

Here at Drillwell we design and manufacture our own range of Core Barrels. We can offer Core Barrels in length increments of 3 & 1.5 mtrs or 10ft & 5 ft. If you require any other length then we can supply them on request.

All our Core Barrel products are designed and manufactured in house by our fully qualified engineers allowing us to provide a custom service and a fast turn around.

Below is our Core Barrel product range, if you require a bespoke design then please email or contact us.