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Updated 19/10/18

New Website For Drillwell Ltd

We have updated our website to make it more user friendly, our new design will improve viewing on tablets and mobile devices. We have added a new search function and navigation menu. Please feel free to contact us with any issues or suggestions you may have.

Updated 11/07/18

Drillwell Ltd @ Geotechnica 2018

Geotechnica 2018Ready for our first day at Geotechnica 2018 with Ibbotson Drilling Services. We look forward to seeing you all

Updated 03/04/18

Latest Products & Services
Below is a list of latest products available from Drillwell Ltd,

  • Bentonite Pellets ( 1.1/4 Ton Pallet Or 25kg Bag )
  • Windowless Samplers 1.0m and 1.5m Long
  • Plastic Liner For Windowless Samplers
  • SPT Rods 0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m, 3.0m Lengths
  • Hollow Probing Rods 1.0m Long (32mm & 36mm Diameter)
  • Heavy and Super Heavy Disposable Cones

Self Contained Diesel Powered Pumps MainSelf Contained Diesel Powered PumpsSelf Contained Diesel Powered Pumps

Our new custom range of Self Contained Diesel Powered Pumps can be configured to suit your requirements. This standalone unit comes with a pump of your choice and powered by a Diesel engine. Please see Self Contained Diesel Powered Pumps for more details.

Updated 17/04/17

Latest Products & Services

Below is a list of latest products available from Drillwell Ltd,

  • Bentonite Pellets ( 1 Ton Pallet Or 25kg Bag )
  • 18” Aluminum Stillsons
  • Liquimud Plus 25kg Drum ( Polymer ) & Drilling Foam 25kg Drum
  • Geobore S Plastic Liner 1.5m – 3.0m Long
  • 57mm, 67mm, 87mm, 102mm Plastic Liner 1.0m Long
  • Repair & Re-thread Service To Shell & Auger Equipment
  • 6” & 8” Waterwell Casing, Metric Casing
  • Geobore S Core Barrel & Geobore S Drilling Rods
  • Adaptors For Casings, Drilling Rods, Driveheads (Saversub), Rock Bits

Mercedes-Benz U500 Drilling Rigs - Drillwell LtdMercedes-Benz U500 Rig Mounted Carrier
Our new custom range of Mercedes-Benz U500 Rig Mounted Carriers, these carries can be modified to carry various machinery including Beretta Drilling Rigs, Compressors, Mud Pumps, Hydraulic Rod Stoarge Racks, Water Tanks and much more. Please see Mercedes-Benz U500 Drilling Rigs for more details.

Beretta T44 Drilling Rig - Drillwell Ltd

Drilling Rig Hire
We hire drilling rigs on a weekly or monthly basis. All our hire machines are serviced and checked before leaving the workshop to ensure the drilling machine is in a fully working condition. We also offer a delivery and collection service on request. please contact us for further information.

Updated 26/07/16

Our Address Has Changed
We have made a change to our address, we are still in the same location but our building unit number has changed from Unit 3 to Unit 1-2. Our full address can be found below.

Drillwell Ltd
Unit 1-2, Rotherham Close,
Norwood Industrial Estate,
Killamarsh, Sheffield,
S21 2JU

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