One of the most consuming and costly operations carried out during drilling is the recovery of Drill Rods, Casings, Core Barrels Inner and Outer Tubes, particulars of steel or spanners, nuts, washer, bolts and other parts of which for a variety of reasons can fracture or damage the drill string in the bore hole, with this in mind Drillwell have designed and developed in house a wide range of Extractor tools to cope efficiently with every problem encountered.

Magnetic Extractors - Drillwell Ltd

The use of our range of specialised tools in most cases will assist in recovering the broken or stuck drill string components, small pieces of steel such as spanners, nuts, washer, bolts and other parts. If you have any fishing problems of which is not covered from the information provided please feel free to contact. Our skilled and experienced time served technical department will offer every assistance in meeting your requirements.

WireLine Rod Friction Grip - Drillwell Ltd

If you require any further information or a bespoke design then please email or contact us.