Recovery Taps Outside or Bell

Bell Recovery Taps - Drillwell LtdOne of the most consuming and costly operations carried out during drilling is the recovery of Drill Rods, Casings, Core Barrels Inner and Outer Tubes, which for a variety of reasons have fractured or become detached from the drill string in the bore hole and consequently are preventing further drilling, with this in mind Drillwell Ltd have designed and developed in house a wide range of Recovery Taps to cope efficiently with every problem encountered.

Our range of Outside Taps or as they are more commonly called Bell Recovery Taps are used to recover Drill Rods, Rod Couplings and other tubular items of which cannot be retrieved by the use of internal Recovery Taps.

They are manufactured from alloy steel and heat treated to give maximum strength over critical threaded section which picks up on the tubular to be recovered.

The part numbers shown in the tables below provide the different types of Outside or Bell Recovery Taps we manufacture, they are supplied with Right Hand Rod and Tap threads. Left Hand threads are available and manufactured on request. We can also supply the appropriate Rod Box or Pin thread to any of our Recovery Taps.

Bell Recovery Taps – Part Numbers

Designation RW EW AW BW NW HW
Rod Box Thread RW Box EW Box AW Box BW Box NW Box HW Box
Part No. DW 07100 DW 07101 DW 07102 DW 07103 DW 07104 DW 07105
Suitable For: RW Rod EW Rod AW Rod
BW Rod
NW Rod
HW Rod

If you require any further information or a bespoke design then please email or contact us.