Hoist Plugs & Lifting Swivels

Hoist Plugs - Drillwell Ltd

Hoist Plugs are the Swivel connection which allows the attachment of the Drill Rig Hoist Cable to the Drill String in order to hoist or lower drill strings into or out of the borehole. Drillwell have designed and have available a range of Hoist Plugs which cover all Drilling requirements. They all feature the following:

  • Heavy Duty Thrust Bearings
  • High Tensile Steel Spindles
  • Alloy Steel Rod Adaptors
  • High Strength Lifting Eyes
  • Simple Construction
  • High Lifting Capacity

Body and spindle designs allow for the fitting of appropriate adaptors threaded with Drill Rod or Casing threads to suit your Drilling application. This thread requirement should be specified when ordering please email or contact us for further information.


1. Lifting Eye
2. Nut
3. Thrust Bearing
4. Body
5. Split Pin
6. Rod or Casing Adaptor

The following list has been compiled to assist the selection of the correct hoisting plug.

Hoist Plugs – Part Numbers

Lifting Capacity 1470lb. 668kg. 6500lb. 2948kg. 1300lb. 5898kg. 27000lb. 12240kg.
Weight Approx. 4.5lb. 2.1kg. 6.6lb. 3.0kg. 11.5lb. 5.2kg. 33lb. 14.9kg.
Length 9” 230mm 9.5” 245mm 12” 305mm 15” 380mm
Type of Bearing Ball Thrust Ball Thrust Ball Thrust Ball Thrust
Part No. DW 08000 DW 08010 DW 08020 DW 08030

Please note that the weights and lengths given above are approximate only and will depend on the type of Rod or Casing adaptor fitted to the assembly selected.

If you require any further information or a bespoke design then please email or contact us.