Nordmeyer DB 0.0/7

Nordmeyer DB 0.0/7 - Drillwell LtdWe are agents for Nordmeyer Geotool so we can directly supply standard Nordmeyer Geotool Drilling Rigs or a custom built Nordmeyer Geotool Drilling Rig with modified equipment to suit your requirements.

The Nordmeyer DB 0.0/7 Drilling Rig is the ideal solution for the following applications

  • Soil Investigation
  • Window Sampling
  • Waterwell

Due to small size of the DB 0/0.7 drilling rig its most suitable for drilling in difficult access areas. This rig is designed for mud rotary drilling and auger drilling applications.

The DB 0/0.7 consists of the drilling rig itself plus a separate hydraulic power pack.

Dimensions: 760mm x 720mm x 2760mm. The weight is 200kg + 90kg for the power pack.

In auger drilling execution the rig is available as limited space edition with a total height of not more than 2000mm. It is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder fitted to the top end of the mast as this enables to anchor the rig tight to the ceiling.

Typical jobs for this rig are:

  • Mud drilling for garden wells and small irrigation wells
  • Auger drilling for soil sampling and detection of misfire/ ammunition

In mud drilling execution a special lightweight drill pipe exclusively designed for this rig comes into operation. The large diameter of this pipe called NS 80/98 enables a better up flow velocity of the mud. On the one hand the cuttings find their way up to the surface more easily, on the other it can be used as casing for inserting well pipes up to 2” diameter without danger of caving in.

The pipe boxes are equipped with breaking lugs fitting exactly into the mechanical clamp for easy pipe screwing and unscrewing. The separate power pack comprises an efficient oil filter system, high oil volume and reliable Honda engine for long lasting usage. The mud pump offered through Nordmeyer Geotool again is driven by a Honda engine but other suitable pumps can be used as well.

Please see our Nordmeyer Geotool Drilling Rigs Product Guide to ensure you select the correct Drilling Rig. We can provide product specific brochures on request, please contact our Technical Sales Team for further information.