Mist Pumps, Mono Pumps and Self Contained Pumps

Mist Pump - Drillwell LtdDrillwell Ltd supply a wide range of Pumps, including Mist Pumps, C.M.O. Pompe Pumps and Self Contained Pumps. Our range of pumps are used for many types of operations including the following:

  • Water Injection
  • Foam Injection
  • Dust Suppression
  • Supply Flushing Water for shallow diameter coring

All Drillwell Mist Pumps are designed and manufactured in house by our fully qualified engineers allowing us to provide a custom service and a fast turn around if required.

C.M.O. Pompe Mono PumpsThe C.M.O. Pompe product range includes the most common pump the PS range of which is a worm feed screw pump from the rotating positive displacement pump category. This PS series can be mounted on to Beretta Drilling Rigs of which we have done in the past.

These are ideal for pumping brackish water, stall waste, unicellular cement, marble sludge, lime putty and foundry sludge. Please email or contact us for further information.

Drillwell’s constant increase and improvement of design and quality provide high performance equipment at realistic prices. Should you have any enquiries or require further information regarding our range of Pumps then please do not hesitate to email or contact us. We offer quick completion of orders from our extensive stock and individual quotes and delivery for your specific requirements.

Another important facet of our company activities is servicing and overhauling all types of Pumps and associated equipment at our factory or on-site. Please feel free to email or contact us if you require any further information.