Sampling & Standard Penetration Test ( SPT ) Equipment For Site Investigation

Drillwell Ltd manufacture and supply a wide range of Site Investigation SPT Equipment. All our Sampling & Standard Penetration Test Equipment are manufactured from high grade materials and where screwed, in accordance with National and International Standards.

Do you need it fast!, here at Drillwell Ltd we offer a fast turn around in the event of emergencies. We can design and manufacture SPT Equipment to order immediately.

Sampling & SPT Equipment – Product Range


U4 or U100 Sample - Drillwell LtdU4 or U100 Sample Tube
( With Cap )
4.16in I.D. ( 106mm )
4in. BSP.
Available in Aluminium or Steel.



U4 U100 Cutting Shoe Plain - Drillwell LtdU4 ( U100 ) Cutting Shoe
( Plain )

4in. BSP.




Ball Valve Adaptor - Drillwell LtdBall Valve Adaptor

4in. BSP.



Adaptor For SPT - Drillwell LtdAdaptor For S.P.T

2in. ( 50mm )
Specify Thread Type


Sliding Hammer - Drillwell LtdSliding Hammer

Whitworth or API. Thread


Tube Coupler - Drillwell LtdTube Coupler

4in. BSP.




U4 U100 Cutting Shoe Serrated - Drillwell LtdU4 ( U100 ) Cutting Shoe
( Serrated )

4in. BSP.




Core Catcher - Drillwell LtdCore Catcher

4in. BSP.



60 Degrees Nose Cone - Drillwell Ltd60° Nose Cone For S.P.T

2in. ( 50mm )



140lb Automatic Trip Hammer - Drillwell Ltd140lb Automatic Trip Hammer

Whitworth or API. Thread



Split Spoon Sampler - Drillwell LtdSplit Spoon Sampler
( Complete with open shoe & adaptor for S.P.T )

2in. O.D. ( 50mm )
1 3/8in. I.D. ( 35mm )


Before placing your order you need to provide us with the thread type required for any of the above equipment. If you require any further information on the items above or a bespoke design then please email or contact us.