Drill Rods SPT For Site Investigation

Drillwell Ltd have designed and manufactured a circular section Drill Rod for special applications, they are ideal for use in Standard Penetration Testing Operations. Our newly designed circular Rod fulfills the requirements of British Standards BS 1377: Part: 1990.

With the S.P.T Drill Rod tapered thread design and friction welded construction it provides maximum stiffness and a more rigid threaded joint coupled with reliability, durability and optimum field performance. The tube element is manufactured from cold drawn seamless steel tubing and the end pieces from heat treated alloy steel.

SPT Drill Rod - Drillwell Ltd

Advantages Of Taper Threaded S.P.T Drill Rods

  • Stronger then parallel threading due to maximum threaded material disposition under critical area of pin thread
  • Easier and faster to make and break joints than with parallel threaded Rod
  • Less chance of thread gauling
  • Spanner flats for safer Rod breaking
  • More rigid threaded joint than parallel BW Rods
  • Less chance of “Cross threading”
  • Reduced chance of box thread belling
  • Dual purpose means it can be used for some rotary drilling operations

Technical Specification

Outside Diameter 2 3/8in. 60.3mm
Straightness 1: 1200 (Better than BS 1377 Requirements)
Spanner Flats 1 7/8in. A/F. (47.6mm) Both Ends
Stiffness Better than BW Rod to BS 4019
Weight Less than 9kg / Metre

Material Properties

Tube End Pieces
Tensile Strength 620 N/mm² 700 N/mm²
Yield Stress 525 N/mm² 495 N/mm²
Elongation 12% 15%

The above material specification complies with the requirements of BS 4019: Parts 3 & 4 and ISO 3551: 1992

Part numbers

Length Part Number
3 Metres DW 05470
1.5 Metres DW 05471
0.75 Metres DW 05472
0.50 Metres DW 05473

If you require any further information or a bespoke design then please email or contact us.