Casing Tools For Site Investigation

Drillwell Ltd manufacture and supply a wide range of Site Investigation Casing Tools. All our Casing Tools are manufactured from high grade materials and where screwed, in accordance with National and International Standards.

Do you need it fast!, here at Drillwell Ltd we offer a fast turn around in the event of emergencies. We can manufacture Casings and Tools to order immediately.

Casing Tools – Product Range


Casing Thread Protector - Drillwell LtdCasing Thread Protector
( Female )




Drive Head - Drillwell LtdDrive Head
( Full Bore with Clevis and Pin )





Casing Shoe Plain - Drillwell LtdCasing Shoe
( Plain )

Also supplied with Pin Thread



Casing Clamp Plain - Drillwell LtdCasing Clamp
( Plain )


Casing Thread Protector Male - Drillwell LtdCasing Thread Protector
( M
ale )




Drive Head Slip Type - Drillwell LtdDrive Head
( Slip in Type )





Casing Shoe Serrated - Drillwell LtdCasing Shoe
( Serrated )

Also supplied with Box Thread



Casing Clamp Serrated - Drillwell LtdCasing Clamp
( Serrated )


Water Well Casing is also available, manufactured from hot finished seamless steel tube and threaded in accordance with British Standard BS 879. It can be supplied with screwed flush butt joints or screwed and socketed joints. Because of the Casings thick wall it maybe also used for shell and auger drilling.

Water Well Casing - Drillwell Ltd

Waterwell Casing
British Standard Water Well Flush Butt Joint to BS879 Table 3

Hot finnished seamless steel tube, 35 Ton Tensile
( 12in. Dia. 28-35 Ton Tensile )

6 5/8in. OD. x 5 7/8in. ID ( 168mm x 149mm )
8 5/8in. OD. x 7 7/8in. ID ( 219mm x 200mm )
10 /3/4in. OD x 9 7/8in. ID ( 273mm x 250mm )
12 3/4in. OD. x 11 7/8in. ID ( 324mm x 302mm)


For further information regarding Water Well Casing please refer to the Casing section. If you require any further information on the items above or a bespoke design then please email or contact us.