Extractors Magnetic

Occasionally during drilling operations small pieces of steel such as spanners, nuts, washer, bolts and other parts are inadvertently dropped into the borehole or even pieces of steel become detached from the drill string and items like this can cause damage to drill bits and equipment, these need to be removed before any more damage is caused.

Magnetic Extractors - Drillwell Ltd

Our range of Magnetic Extractors are used to recover loose materials from the borehole. The Magnetic Extractor is lowered into the hole on a string of Drill Rods and the loose pieces of steel are attracted and held by the magnet.

Magnetic Extractors – Part Numbers

Designation EW AW BW NW HW
Rod Thread EW Box AW Box BW Box NW Box HW Box
Part No. DW 07500 DW 07501 DW 07502 DW 07503 DW 07504

Designation AQ BQ NQ HQ
Rod Thread AQ Box BQ Box NQ Box HQ Box
Part No. DW 07510 DW 07511 DW 07512 DW 07513

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