Nordmeyer GTR 780

Nordmeyer GTR 780 - Drillwell LtdWe are agents for Nordmeyer Geotool so we can directly supply standard Nordmeyer Geotool Drilling Rigs or a custom built Nordmeyer Geotool Drilling Rig with modified equipment to suit your requirements.

The Nordmeyer GTR 780 Drilling Rig is the ideal solution for the following applications

  • Soil Investigation
  • Window Sampling

This compact unit features dynamic probing procedures following DIN and SPT/AFNOR standards as well as efficient window sampling operations. Mounted on a rubber chain crawler carriage it is able to negotiate inclinations up to 30 degrees and to handle nearly all-terrain ground conditions.

Since all functions are hydraulically assisted it is truly laid out for one-man operation. Two lateral rod boxes and special attachments carry all relevant accessories like rod extraction jack, slips and ball clamps, tools etc. . The fact that all equipment necessary for the field work is on the machine eliminates the need for additional transport and consumption of time.

A folding mast allows very limited transport dimension so the unit can be transported in mid-size vans like Volkswagen T4 or similar.

The complete equipment on the machine – reliable one man operation !

Available Options:

Mast-guided hydraulic breakers, rotary drives, diamond coring devices
Total weight: ca: 620-800kg, depending upon layout and accessories


Mini excavator rubber chain crawler with 2 hydraulic gear motors and passive brake
1-cylinder-Diesel – or petrol engine with 2 direct driven hydraulic pumps
Overall width 780mm; transport height ca. 1.250mm, transport length ca. 2.100mm

Hydraulic System:

Tank 20 Litre biodegradable hydraulic fluid
Pumps 160bar
Hydraulic outlet for rod extraction jack with integrated auto reverse valve

Frame Structure:

Adjustment range of the mast to reach vertical position in undulated terrain
Lateral 15 degrees
Front 30 degrees
Rear 35 degrees
Drop weight: basic weight 10kg + 2 x 20kg + 13,5kg
Drop height: 500 and 750mm
Blows per minute: 5 – 40
Single blow energy: 50 – 475Nm

Please see our Nordmeyer Geotool Drilling Rigs Product Guide to ensure you select the correct Drilling Rig. We can provide product specific brochures on request, please contact our Technical Sales Team for further information.