Hole Openers

Hole Openers - Drillwell LtdDrillwell Ltd manufacture and supply items directly related to the Bit and Drill String. Please contact our Technical Sales Department With details of the size required and thread details. This will enable our Sales Team to provide you with the correct selection.

Hole Openers are used to enlarge the diameter of a previously drilled pilot hole. They consist of replaceable cutters either Rock Bit Segments or T.C. Set Drag Bits Segments.

The body is manufactured from alloy steel with the bit segment mounting plate fabricated directly to it. The body can be then threaded with any combination of rod threads to suit the pilot bit and rod string.

All our Diamond Drilling Bits & Shell products are designed and manufactured in house by our fully qualified engineers allowing us to provide a custom service and a fast turn around.

If you require replacement Cutters either Rock Bit Segments or T.C. Set Drag Bits or Segments please email or contact us for further details.