Rotary Drilling & Fishing Equipment

One of the most consuming and costly operations carried out during drilling is the recovery of Drill Rods, Casings, Core Barrels Inner and Outer Tubes, which for a variety of reasons have fractured or become detached from the drill string in the bore hole and consequently are preventing further drilling, with this in mind DRILLWELL LTD have designed and developed in house a wide range of recovery tools to cope efficiently with every problem encountered.

The use of our range of specialised tools in most cases will assist in recovering the broken or stuck drill string components. If you have any fishing problems of which is not covered from the information provided please feel free to email or contact us for further information. Our skilled and experienced time serviced technical department will offer every assistance in meeting your requirements.

Do you need it fast!, here at Drillwell Ltd we offer a fast turn around in the event of emergencies. We can design and manufacture recovery tools or equipment to order immediately.

Recovery TapsCasing Recovery Taps - Drillwell Ltd
Combination Recovery Taps
Outside or Bell Recovery Taps
Casing Recovery Taps
WireLine Rod Recovery Taps
Y Series Rod Recovery TapsOutside or Bell Recovery Taps - Drillwell Ltd
W Series Rod Recovery Taps
Previous Standards Rod Recovery Taps
Bespoke Design Recovery Taps

Rod SpearsStandard Recovery Taps - Drillwell Ltd
Rod Spears – Conical
Rod Spears – Square

ExtractorsRod Spears - Drillwell Ltd
Magnetic Extractors
WireLine Rod Friction Grip

Water Swivel SeriesWater Swivel Heavy Duty Series - Drillwell Ltd
Water Swivel – Heavy Duty Series
Water Swivel – Standard Series
Water Swivel – Lightweight Series

Hoses & FittingsValves and Strainers Relief Valves - Drillwell Ltd
Hoses & Fittings – Suction Hoses
Hoses & Fittings – Water & Air Swivel Hoses
Combination Foot Valve and Strainer
Relief Valves

Hoist Plugs

Holding EquipmentSafety Foot Clamps - Drillwell Ltd
Safety Foot Clamps
Rigid Pipe Wrenches
Full Grip Wrenches (Wrap Round Type)
Casing Clamps
Spider Bowls & SlipsSpider Bowls Slips - Drillwell Ltd

Adaptors & Substitutes
Drill Rods – Imperial
Drill Rods – Metric Sizes
Casing Adaptors (Casing Plugs)

Reverse Circulation Equipment
Stabilisers & Bits

We can design and manufacture a wide range of Rotary Drilling and Fishing Equipment. If you require a bespoke design then we can supply them on request, please email or contact us for further information.

All our Rotary Drilling and Fishing Equipment products are designed and manufactured in house by our fully qualified engineers allowing us to provide a custom service and a fast turn around.

Below is our Rotary Drilling and Fishing Equipment product range, if you require a bespoke design then please email or contact us.