Casing Advancer

The Casing Advancer has been designed to allow drilling and casing to be carried out at the same time as one integral operation. This feature eliminates the need to drill the large diameter hole with a Rock Bit, pull the drill rod string and Rock Bit from the hole and then ream the casing back into the hole.

Casing Advancer - Drillwell Ltd

1. Standard Casing, 2. Rod Entry Guide Sub, 3. Body, 4. Hi-tensile Drive Pin, 5. Seal, 6. Advancer Casing Shoe, 7. Bit

The integral operation makes the Casing Advancer eminently suitable for drilling through overburden or sands and gravels. It is also particularly suitable for Landfill Drilling applications.

Casing Advancer – Outstanding Features

  • Cases borehole as borehole advances
  • Helps reduce drilling cost by saving rod and casing handling.
  • Can be used with Rock Bit or T.C. Drag Bit.
  • Long Casing Shoe life as it is always reaming and never drilling alone.
  • Special flushing ports in the body ensure that the casing bit is adequately flushed.
  • Uses conventional Right Hand threaded Drill Rods and Casing.
  • Suitable for Air, Water or Mud Flush.
  • Manufactured from high quality materials.

Casing Advancer – Technical Specifications

Conventional Casing to ISO Standard 3551
Designation Casing O.D. Casing I.D. Advancer Bit O.D.
SW 6.625” 6.000” 7.800”
UW 7.625” 7.000” 8.800”
ZW 8.625” 8.000” 9.800”

Waterwell Casing to BS 879 ( Flush Butt Joints )
Designation Casing O.D. Casing I.D. Advancer Bit O.D.
6”NB 6.625” 6.000” 7.800”
8”NB 8.625” 8.000” 8.800”
10”NB 10.750” 10.000” 11.93”

Casing Advancer Bit and Drill Rod Threads 2 3/8 API. Reg, other Rod threads maybe incorporated and can be manufactured to suit Metric Casing and larger sizes on request.

If you require any further information or a bespoke design then please email or contact us.