Mist Pumps

The Drillwell Ltd DW-3AP Mist Pump comprises of a piston type pump, driven by a guarded flexible coupling and an air motor. These items are mounted on a strong but light fabricated frame along with controls, lubrication and water separation equipment.

Mist Pump - Drillwell Ltd

All Drillwell Mist Pumps are designed and manufactured in house by our fully qualified engineers allowing us to provide a custom service and a fast turn around if required.

Mist Pumps manufactured by Drillwell Ltd can be purchased or hired, we can offer a hired Mist Pump for £95.00 per week. Please email or contact us for further information.

DW-3A Mist Pump - Drillwell Ltd


  1. Fabricated Frame
  2. Gast Air Motor
  3. Hypro Piston Pump
  4. Output Control Valve
  5. Lubrication Control
  6. Pressure Control
  7. Air Inlet Connection
  8. Water Trap Bowl
  9. Lubricator & Oil Level Gauge

Operational Uses

  • Water Injection
  • Foam Injection
  • Dust Suppression
  • Supply Flushing Water for shallow small diameter coring operations

Outstanding Features

  • Light, compact unit
  • Infinitely variable output
  • Economical to operate
  • Requires minimum of care and maintenance
  • Provides a long dependable service

The Drillwell Ltd DW-3AP Mist Pump is designed to comply with all current European Safety requirements and if used in accordance with the operating instructions will not present any unforeseen hazards.

Options Available

Model DW – 3HP Hydraulic Powered Unit
Model DW – 3DP Diesel Engined Unit
Model DW – 3PP Petrol Powered Unit

Optional Equipment

  • Liquid Injection Head (pump mounted)
  • Air Supply Hoses
  • Suction Hoses
  • Delivery Hoses

Technical Specification


Type: Hypro Piston Type
Model: 5330C-RX
Capacitiy (max): 3 gpm. (13 litres / min)
Pressure (max): 500 psi. (34 bar)
Drive Type: Direct via. Flexible Coupling
Pump Ports: 3/4 Claw Connector


Type: Gast Air Motor
Model: 4AMFRV33A
Air Pressure (max): 130 psi (9 bar)
Air Pressure (normal operation): 50 psi
Air Inlet Connection: 3/4 Claw Connector


Length: 13 1/2 in. (343 min)
Width: 12 in. (305 (mm)
Height: 14 in. (356 mm)

Drillwell’s constant increase and improvement of design and quality provide high performance equipment at realistic prices. We offer quick completion of orders from our extensive stock and individual quotes and delivery for your specific requirements.

Another important facet of our company activities is servicing and overhauling all types of Mist Pumps and associated equipment at our factory or on-site.

Please feel free to email or contact us for further information.