Re-Tipping Of Tungsten Carbide Bits & Reamer Shells

Re-Tipping Of Tungsten Carbide Bits & Reamer Shells - Drillwell LtdDrillwell Ltd manufacture and supply items directly related to the Bit and Drill String. Please contact our Technical Sales Department With details of the size required and thread details. This will enable our Sales Team to provide you with the correct selection.

We provide a re-tipping service of all types of Tungsten Carbide Set Core Bits, Casing Bits, Reamer Shells, Stabilizers provided that the component has not yet reached the discard limit.

Only the highest quality Carbide is used in this process. Send us your used bits to our purpose built factory where our skilled inspection engineers will determine if they can be re-tipped or should be scrapped. Provided the product body is suitable for re-tipping considerable cost savings can be achieved.

If you require any further information on the items above or a bespoke design then please email or contact us.