Shell and Auger Casing, Rotary Casing

Our Casing is manufactured from seamless steel tubing. The dimensions and physical properties are in accordance with ISO 3551-1.1992 and BS4019 Pt.3. 1992. The most stringent quality control measures are employed during the whole manufacturing process. Straightness is controlled to better than 1 : 1200.

The W Series Casing is flush jointed and has an integral pin and box thread and is flush on the outside and the inside.

The X Series Casing is flush coupled and has a box thread each end and is connected by means of pin to pin couplings. Each length of casing is supplied with one coupling.

Drill Casing- Drillwell Ltd

Each length of casing is supplied with one coupling. All casing is normally supplied in length increments of 3 & 1.5 metres or 10ft. & 5ft. Any other length increment may be supplied by request as can left-hand screwed casing.

Below is our Casing product range, if you require a bespoke design then please email or contact us.