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Drill Rods PR Series Rotary Percussion

The PR Series Rotary Percussion Drill Rods are manufactured by our in house engineers. We comprise high tensile alloy steel end pieces friction welded to a cold drawn seamless steel tube. The threaded ends are screwed to approved API. Thread gauges ensure complete compatibility with those of other manufactures

Drill Rods PR Series Rotary Percussion - Drillwell Ltd

PR Series Rotary Percussion Drill Rods – Dimensions

DPR-76 DPR-89 DPR-114
In. mm. In. mm. In. mm.
Rod O.D. 76 88.9 114.3
Rod I.D. 30 30 42
Across Flats 65 65 95
Thread Type 2 3/8 API Reg 2 3/8 API Reg 3 1/2 API Reg

All the above rods have spanner flats at both ends and may be used for rotary drilling or DTH hammer applications. Rods are normally supplied in 3m & 1.5m lengths. Any other length increment may be supplied by request.

PR Series Rotary Percussion Drill Rods – Part numbers

DPR-76 DPR-89 DPR-114
3.0m Long DW 05455 DW 05460 DW 05465
1.5m Long DW 05456 DW 05461 DW 05466

The PR Series Rods are also available in the larger diameter series. They consist of ally steel ends shrink welded into thick wall seamless steel tubing and are supplied in the usual standard lengths as requested. The following diameters are available in O.D. sizes 6 5/8in., 7 5/8in., 8 5/8in, & 10 3/4in.

If you require any further information or a bespoke design then please email or contact us.